Amazing Reports and Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables

Learn to easily create powerful management reports and analyze data in minutes using Excel Pivot Tables

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Expert Guidance on Creating Amazing Reports and Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables - This course is great in explaining how to create amazing reports and data analysis with Excel Pivot Tables. The structure of the course has been well planned - each lesson is presented with great clarity in a concise, right to the point manner - Michael Choke

Amazing Reports and Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables

Create amazing reports and analyze data in minutes with Excel Pivot Tables. This course focuses on creating and understanding how to use Excel Pivot Tables to quickly analyze and understand your business data. Pivot Tables make it easy to compile management reports and generate new insight and intelligence from your data in minutes.

This Excel Business Intelligence training course is for all business users who are required to develop management reports, analyze data or ask ad-hoc questions of their data. McKinsey Consulting in a recent report entitled 'Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity' emphasizes that data skills will become the basis for competition, innovation, growth and productivity. The report also highlights the need for around 1.5 million managers in United States with data skills.

This course has over 25 video lectures that take you step by step through creating management reports and analyzing data with a couple of clicks of the mouse. The course is structured into 9 sections which takes you from creating simple management reports to sophisticated data analysis.

Learn techniques to easily aggregate your data, produce reports, understand trends, filter your data, create interactive reports and use sophisticated calculations.

So begin your journey today with Excel Business Intelligence.

Intended Audience: Excel users

Introduction to PivotTables
Introduction to using the course
Download the Training Data Set
Correctly Structure your Data
Correctly Structure Data Using Tables
Introduction to Creating your First PivotTable
Create a Pivot Table
Add More Than One Dimension
Add More Than One Measure
Changing the Number Format
Changing Region and Language Options
Introduction to Pivot Table Menu Options
Pivot Table Menu Options
Format Pivot Tables
Changing the Method of Aggregation
Changing the Method of Aggregation
Sorting Data
Introduction to Time Analysis
Time Analysis with Pivot Tables
Creating Management Style Reports
Creating Custom Time Formulas
Using Sparklines to Analyse Trends
Introduction to Filtering and Slicing Data
Filter Text Fields
Top 10 Analysis
Using the Report Filter
Using Slicers to Filter
Using Slicers to Filter Multiple PivotTables
The Show Value As Calculations
Percentage Calculations
Parent Percentage Calculations
Difference From Calculations
Pareto Analysis
Percentage of Calculation
Introduction to Frequency Analysis
Download the Employee Master data source
Frequency Analysis
Creating Custom Calculations
Creating Custom Calculations

What's included

  • 28 Video Lessons
  • 12 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

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